Highlights Europe is a contemporary international E-Journal with the main goal to cover Pro Art & Co national and international activities – especially courses and workshops related to creative digital media and cultural topics. It will also bring information about the internationaland European projects in which Pro Art is participating. The E-Journal will include works of young and promising learners and in addition will feature articles, reviwes and interviews with established artists, writers, architects, composers, film directors, visual artists, actors, musicians, dancers and leaders of many European cultural organisations, museums, libraries and institutions. We hope to start a dialogue between diverse participants and communities. Highlights Europe would also enhance European dimension of the projects and would contribute to recognition of a common European cultural space, whether it focuses on experienced or popular culture.




Focus Community project


Life Long Skills training in digital Media



Focus group project:


It's not all about Fashion!











Our Media students with the Cypriot participants - join in group photo. More info



Working together at the Media course. More info


Christmas celebration with the Media course participants.

Media Training


The training included: introduction to digital media; how to target users online; to create blogs, websites, social media to communicate and disseminate information online effectively; visits to local media; newspapers and publishing companies.


This project aims to help individuals and local communities to provide information about their distinctive background and map their neighbourhood and traditional ethnic culture. All those interested would be able to support the project with their stories, news, photographs and events and develop this media for wider use or to contribute with publishing online.




Dragoslav Višnjić from "Politika", Belgrade, Serbia - winner of the Majska Nagrada for the best Sport Journalist in Serbia - 5th July 2014