Mob Italy

Landscape Photography

27 - 30 March 2014

The topic was Landscape Photography, which was introduced to us through art of the famous Italian photographers from the region. We learned and saw their early and later work and we discussed with the professional photographer who was our coach how they achieved certain perspective and what was their main focus taking photos. We were also introduced to the techniques of the light photography, without camera, which is an amazing experience. We tried to develop and expose variety of objects on the special photo paper, on the daylight, at the place where we could choose “landscape” elements which we liked (branches, leaves, flowers). We were also able to take our own photos from the visits to local environment and heritage places (including UNESCO protected fields of Tuscany).


Italy, Castiglione del Lago

The mobility to Coordinator’s place, and surrounding area of Umbria and Tuscany – both famous for their extraordinary landscape, which is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage- was a unique experience and the learnining opportunity. This visit included historic places from the Etruscan and the Roman time and medieval monasteries and cities which prevailed the changes in time and preserved the original spirit which is authentic to this part of Italy. Our host organised visit to Maggiore Island on the Trasimeno Lake, visit to Cortona, St Francis’s monastery (Retreat) and the Valdichiana landscape. We also visited Palazzo della Corgna and st Domenico Church in Castiglione del Lago which is small walled medieval city within the citadel of della Corgna, on the hill above the Trasimeno Lake. This is a picturesque and beautiful historic landscape, which we used to photograph and make other products planned for this project. We also learned about photography and had fantastic workshops where we tested the new methods in producing photographs without cameras. We were impressed with our hosts showing these skills and decided to test this method in our local activities. The website was created and majority of the digital facilities too. We talked about our aims and products and how to merge all of the material at the end of the project. We discussed the learning process and how we can integrate new elements in the activities also how to use new venues for the workshops in order to boost creativity of the learners.



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