This project involves seven countries to identify the benefits of inclusion of natural heritage in adult education, to develop new innovative methods of learning. The aim of this project is to learn about cultural and natural heritage of our different countries and to provide interactions among cultures. Inspired by the European Environmental Summit (2000), we would like to deepen those learning aspects which are appropriate to define the environment, which is regarded as a common, natural and cultural heritage.


Art can give the opportunities to people to enjoy and learn at the same time. The project will manage through photography exhibitions, installations, land art, graffiti, to enhance the aspect of learning about our landscapes, and to involve citizens in studying and recovering degraded areas and through art and creativity valorize them, make them accessible as a social-meeting-places.


Our intent is to valorize our natural heritage, taking-care of its conservation and disseminate the idea of landscape as our cultural identity.


The aim is to get the citizens more conscious about the importance of conservation and valorization, motivating active European participation.


The project involves study of different interactions between nature, landscape, art and self-expression, focusing our work on the impact of these activities on our local communities. Workshop, seminaries and conference will be developed to disseminate our project and the innovative learning tools that we want create, test and valorize.


Links to the mobilities:

- London Mobility

- Turkey Mobility

- Italy Mobility



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