Mob London

London Mobility

27-31 Oct 2013


The first Kick-off meeting was in London with the firm objective to set up the project and to discuss it in much greater details. We agreed on how to distribute the specific tasks planned at the application of this project to each partner. The Coordinator (Italy) introduced the objectives of the project and described the tools, which would be used to deliver the project and achieve the aims. The main focus of the discussion was on the creation of the pedagogical cards, which would support dissemination of the good practices and would be created by each partner according to their study of the natural landscape in relations with human activities and their cultural identity. The pedagogical cards will include the aims of the activities, statistical data, methods, venues and materials used to achieve these aims. AL4ED will be digitally disseminated throughout partnership and wider.

The programme

Visit of the National Gallery: The English Trail


The aim of this visit was to discover England and its traditions through famous landscape paintings.

Download the file: The English Trail


Opening of the Landscape Exhibition of Dragoljub Zamurovic.

The participants discovered the beautiful landcapes of Serbia at the Royal Geographical Society where was held the exhibition "SERBIA: Geographical Wonder in the Balkans” by Dragoljub Zamurovic.


Visit of Handel House


This visit was to opportunity to learn more about the world of Handel.

Tour of the Fulham Palace and the Botanical Garden

This landmark was the perfect match to our theme 'art and landsapes'




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