About European Projects

About European Projects



Pro Art & Co is hosting Highlights Europe as a separate project related to the Media Training and European Informal Adult Education.

This is a non-profit organisation involved in informal education. Our learning topics are related to culture, art, heritage, literature, science, environment and active citizenship. We apply an innovative multidisciplinary method of spreading knowledge and introducing new skills in our cultural programme, activities and training courses in order to improve personal experiences and allow

better access to learning. We believe that the best exchange of information and an interactive communication between the participants and the holders of information is through the direct contact with the learning material.

We facilitate and organize the opportunities where our participants gain new cultural experiences and proactively encounter the process of education.

European Mobilities

The City of London: Heritage and History


This project involved visit to London heritage and the creative part where the participants contributd with their journal/diary, in 2010. The participants were from Finland, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. The aim was to learn about history and heritage of London, diversity, migrations, trade and exchange of culture and art throughout ages. [...]



Open to YOUROPE was an opportunity for a group of adult learners from Italy, Belgium, Poland, Turkey and UK to travel to these countries and to get involved in the complex learning and cultural activities across Europe. The participants expanded their knowledge and experience in arts, craft, traditions, learn languges and new good practices.[...] http://www.yurope.net/

EU Treasure Hunt


This project included young adults, disadvantaged and those from diverse ethnic backgrounds to participate in transnational mobilities. The aim was to involve them in structured workshops, discussions, research and field work, photo, audio - video presentations, and to motivate them to overcome their personal limitations and educational barriers. This project was a networking bliss for young people. [...]

AL4ED: Art and Landscape for Adult Education


This is an informal adult education project whic includes, natural environment and art heritage with creative activities such as ancient art techniques, literature, photography, performances, sciences and tradition. The aim is to bring awareness on importance of the conservation, protection and preservation of natural habitats which form part of national heritage and become world famous eco-museums. Their development and changes could be traced through history of art. [...]

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