The project was an opportunity for a group of adult learners and staff/educators from Italy, Sardinia, Poland, Turkey, Belgium and UK to become involved in different forms of complex learning and cultural activities, at a variety of informal settings - not overly demanding on participants’ abilities - and in proactive workshops and discussions involving local learners and visitors from other countries. The project aimed to improve all participants knowledge and enhance their talents through the series of workshops which increased their practical and social skills. All the participants were introduced to art, crafts, heritage and traditional life of the partners’ countries. This has been achieved through a series of mobilities and meetings between the partners, which still continue via digital media. Informal learning and exchange of experiences, in addition to participants’ previous knowledge, enhanced their individual expressions related to many new skills, such as languages, digital media, filming, acting, singing, dancing, cooking to mention among the others. The project helped them develop better understanding of the needs and lifestyles of people from other cultures.

The major achievements of the group are awareness of belonging to European diverse community where the national and individual cultural, social, economic, democratic and educational needs are recognised and their specific identities are respected.

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