The City of London

Discovering London


The City of London: Heritage and History, was a European mobility scheme which involved a group of 12 adults from Finland, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Lithuania and 5 Pro Art & Co participants, specially selected through the application process for the Grundtvig Workshops Project.

The Workshop’s aim was to facilitate informal learning about history and heritage of London through visits to the historic sites and museums. The participants were able to discover through the direct contact with the studying material many facts about different historic periods, history of immigrations, traditions, personalities and development of art, culture, trade, architecture, social and community life.

Each visit followed the discussion and collection of photographs and written notes from each participant’s daily observations in order to create a Journal/Diary. They also had to evaluate the project individually. It helped them to conceptualise the learning process, making it tangible, so that it would remain in their memories for a long time. This project marked for some of the participants, their first time abroad, their first visit to London or Britain, and their first experience travelling by airplane. Their knowledge of English varied but they were determined to learn so that they could communicate and understand their guides and our staff introducing historic sites, artefacts and places of interest.

The Workshops focused on the above topics and the participants had a chance to choose any theme of their interest and create their original artwork and their Journal/Diary of London. They eventually explored their talents in photography, drawing, creative writing and their work was included in a London’s Diary 2010.



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