Visit to Istanbul Il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu

April 2014


My visit to the main informal educational Directorate was well organised by the host organisation and ​enabled me to learn how Turkish informal learning is managed​. I also​ visited​ a few institutions and the Public Library​, which were​ kindly selected for me and I met with their managers​. M​y guide's ​knowledge about Istanbul and the Ottoman history is commendable. He kindly accompanied me to all visiting sites and show me some interesting places less known by tourists.

​I found it really fascinating to visit Bakirkoy Halk Egitimi Merkezi, the informal adult learning school facility, offering more than 30 different courses. I was able to see directly how some of them work, to talk to the teachers and the participants and learn from them directly how they feel about the courses and what they expect to achieve​.

I also visited the Orhan Kemal Public Library, which is just across the University building, frequented mainly by young people. It was built in the 15th century during the reign of Mehmed the Conqueror as a minting coins place. It has a very nice interior, happy and lively. The Library’s kind Director received us for a short meeting and she told us that they have about 50 000 visitors per year. They also organise many events for children and older people and promotion of the books and writers. We talked about possible cooperation in the future.

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