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Grundtvig European Assistant


In September 2013, I started to work at Pro Art and Co as a Grundtvig Assistant. My three months assistantship was funded by the European Commission through the Programme Grundtvig (2007-2013) meant to support adult education.


My role at Pro Art consisted in helping with the organisation of the many cultural events in the field of informal education for adults. In three months, I contributed to an exhibition, 3 concerts, the European project ‘AL4ED’ (Art and Landscape for Adult Education) and coordinated some activities (opera, languages classes) in direction of the Pro Art members.


My participation into the AL4ED project was particularly exciting. With the help of an expert of Art History, I lead our group of European adult learners to the National Gallery. The aim was to engage the participants in learning more about England and its tradition through the discovery of 5 major landscape paintings. I especially created a programme selecting 17th to 19th century’s art to visit and I explained its relation with the landscape and the changes of that landscape through the centuries.


My experience at Pro Art and Co allowed me to straighten my skills in targeting adults in the field of education. I also widen my European network as I got to work with many organisations and people from Italy, Turkey, Finland, Serbia and many more.


Nadege Le Dard, from France.


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